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2017/2018: Call for Final Year Project (FYP) candidates

June 4, 2017
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Currently searching candidates for Final Year Project (FYP), 2016/2017 for BEKM & BEKC program.

Research Area:

    There are 2 categories of projects:
    1. Continuing project from FYP senior (the hardware are available, student may need to upgrade it a bit & design the system)
    2. New project (simulation; and/ or experimental setup – new hardware need to be set -up)

    List of fyp project title: Open for discussion.

    Students Criteria:
    1. CGPA = preferbally above 2.75
    2. Good working ethics
    3. Students who strives for knowledge & willing to work hard.
    4. Self-disipline student

What do you gain?

  • Full supervision by supervisor– to ensure candidates graduate with an ‘A’ grade.
  • Prepare students for working environment/ postgraduate studies.
  • Invaluable experience in research & life-long learning
  • Team-work & good research environment at Motion Control Research Lab (MCon Lab) with support from peers & seniors students (fb page: )

Open to all who:


Do email me at to discuss FYP topic and for further information. Share this email with your friends who might be interested. You may also drop by my website for the list research topics at . First come first serve basis.

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