Research Award

Outstanding Award/ Best Paper/ Presenter Awards

No. Title Award Year
1 Mariam Md Ghazaly, Kueh Tze Jun, Zulkeflee Abdullah, Shin Horng Chong, Nurdiana Nordin, Norhaslinda Hasim; Analysis of a 6-Axis Drone Weight Optimization using Generative Design, MERD2022 Best Paper Presentation Award 2022
2 Mariam e-Teaching Portfolio (InTReD’21) Outstanding Teaching Portfolio Award (Top 3) 2021
3 Mariam Md Ghazaly, Siau Ping Tee, Shin Horng Chong, Zulkeflee Abdullah, Nurdiana Nordin, Norhaslinda Hasim; Robustness performances of modified PID control scheme of a rotary switched reluctance actuator (SRA): Fully aligned vs intermediate positions, MERD2020. Best Paper Award 2020
4 Zulkeflee Abdullah, Mawaddah Haslyanti, Shajahan Maidin, Mohd Amran Md Ali, Mariam Md Ghazaly, Isa Halim Azlinda Muhammad, Investigation of muscle fatigue for pes planus orthotic insole solution using EMG, IRID2020. Best Paper Presentation Award 2020
5 Fawwaz Nadzmy, Mariam Md Ghazaly, Chin Kiat Yeo, Siau Ping Tee, Shin Horng Chong; Effects of driving signal waveforms on the force characteristics of a tubular linear switched reluctance actuator (T-LSRA); MERD2019, UTeM Best Poster Presentation Award 2019
6 Z. Abdullah, S.Shamsurijan, M.A.M. Ali, S.Maidin, M.S. Kasim, M.M. Ghazaly, N.H. Abdullah, Improvement In Thermal Printer Line Production By Using Kaizen Method, SEMA2018, FKE, UTeM Best Paper Award 2018
7 Mariam Md Ghazaly, Soo Kok Yew, Zulkeflee Abdullah, Mohd Rusdy Yaacob, Ho Carl Choon, Ng Chin Yong; Development of a RFID Inter-Office Document’s Delivery System via Mobile Robot, Proceeding of Mechanical Engineering Research Day (MERD’16), 31 Mac 2016, Melaka Malaysia. Best Poster Presentation Award 2016
8 Mariam Md Ghazaly, Tan Aik Choon, Kaiji Sato, Aliza Che Amran; Force Characterization of a Rotary Motion Electrostatic Actuator based on Finite Element Method (FEM) Analysis; Proceedings of the International Conference on Design and Concurrent Engineeting (iDECON2014), Melaka Malaysia Best Paper Award 2014

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