Call for Undergraduate Students (1st & 2nd Year BEKM/ BEKG) for Student Competition 2018/2019

March 13, 2018
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List of available competition:

Innovate (Innovate Malaysia Design Competition) –

Who can join? Open to undergraduate students, team of 3 students.

Design Challenge: Renewable Energy

Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite, renewable energy sources regenerate. Renewable energy is energy that tapped from the continually replenished sources, typically solar, biomass, wind, tidal, and hydro. The potential of large hydropower in Sarawak is largely known with several studies undertaken by government bodies, consulting firms, and utility companies. However, the potential of small renewable sources comprising of solar, biomass, wind, tidal, and small hydro is largely unknown and hence, these resources are largely untapped.

Recognizing the importance of utilizing these small renewable energy sources, the Energy Design Challenge welcomes studies to determine the theoretical and economic potential of these small renewable sources, and mapping of these resources to explore and identify their potential applications for fully utilization in urban and rural development.


Do email me at to discuss further research details and for further information. Share this email with your friends who might be interested.

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