PhD Vacancies (Full-Time) while Working – Intake October 2021 or February 2022

PhD Vacancies (Full-Time) while Working – Intake October 2021 or February 2022

October 24, 2019
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Planning to get a Master, PhD or Doctor of Engineering?

Research field: Automation, Process Engineering, Control

Location: Melaka, Malaysia


1. Open to candidates working in the industry. For industry candidates, project are encouraged as industrial based project whereby candidate able to commit to their research while working full-time. However, Part-time candidates are also welcome.

2. Possess a Master degree in electrical, control, or mechatronics engineering.

3. Possess experiences in control system or process engineering or/ and automation.

4. Able to work independently, resilient, hardworking and has good English command in speaking and writing.


For more details, please send your CV and an abstract/ summary of your master dissertation project to:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariam Md Ghazaly,


CV submission deadline : 15th September 2021


Are you a 4th year Undergraduate?

Searching for candidates to pursue their research studies in Master, 4th year undergraduate students may apply during their final semester – Open all year round

Research Area:

  1. Mechatronic System Design
  2. Actuator
  3. Control System
  4. Robotic

What do you gain?

  • Monthly payment as Graduate Research Students (GRA) under research grant- RM1.5k/ month
  • Invaluable experience in research & life-long learning
  • Team-work & Japanese-style research environment at Motion Control Research Lab (MCon Lab) with support from peers & seniors students (fb page: )
  • Full supervision by supervisor– to ensure candidates graduate on time.
  • Prepare candidates for phd studies & academic career as a lecturer.

Open to all who:

  • Graduated with B. Eng in Electrical Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering with minimum CGPA>3.00 from UTeM or other universisties (local & oversea)
  • Would like to gain research experience
  • Willing to work hard & learn new knowledge independently
  • Aim high for his/her research project.
  • Has good communication skills


Do email me at mariam[ ] ; insert @ at [ ] to discuss further research details and for further information. Share this email with your friends who might be interested.

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